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The term means that the image is taken to Ibn Closed circuit camera to a TV to display is  sent to a specific recipient. monitor are. Traditional CCTV systems for security purposes in places such as banks,  airports and major retail stores are used. Cameras: CCTV cameras are made ​​to be used everywhere. This shows that a proper cameras are everywhere.

Camera position: Internal and external video cameras (Indoor vs. Outdoor Cameras) Usually determines the type of the installation of a CCTV camera is required. For example,  the camera should be placed in the open space in front cold air, dust and water resistant  exterior or Outdoor cameras should be used. In local areas and can be covered from domestic

Typically for an enclosed space such as a room, you can use wide lenses that will give us  more space and better for the long aisles of a telephoto lens can be used.

Variable light (Light Variables) : The light cameras were installed in one of the main things to consider is to choose a CCTV  camera. For example, where there is little light or no light situations generally have  infrared cameras can be used at some point of time or for a store that very clear to  sunlight, and the door Surveillance Frvshah task imaging The position has a specific  purpose must be used. For more information about the terminology Surveillance See.

Security Cameras: There are always concerns about their security cameras can be resolved through vandal- resistant covers. Animal Surveillance CCTV Box Camera traps are typically installed on the interior, but in general when you are outside  of the CCTV camera trap are you using that you're going to someone who does not know which  way the camera is the camera captures the box When used to make everyone understand that  the area of the lens is covered.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom Cameras PTZ cameras allow you to manipulate the camera's field of vision  is changed. This is possible with a device called a "joy stick" keyboard is done to  Persian. The "joy stick" to set the camera up or down, left or right, or zoom out the  image. IP cameras can also do this with software.

Digital versus analog technology: Traditionally, analog cameras Mdarbs·h an image through the wires to the DVR sends  protocol. But recently, IP cameras are made ​​using the same technology to make images become part of a computer network to get things done through computers.

Wired or wireless camera: Move camera to the DVR or PC can be done through a cable or wireless camera wireless  Bashdvagz what still needs to be connected to a power supply, but this technology allows  the installation costs low reached the punishment that should be collected and wires around  the place does not look very comfortable as the camera is moving. Disadvantages of Wireless  Systems in price is a bit expensive, slow their growth.

Stand Alon DVR: That these devices have dedicated DVR to record camera images that are attached to the  machine.This implies that the name of the DVR is connected to a network. However, they are  often connected to the Internet to allow authorized personnel to view live images and to
record images.

NVRs: DVR and NVR are nearly identical, but local Shbg·h is part of the NVR to allow network  users to see if you have permission to record images. If the LAN is connected to the  Internet, through a network of authorized individuals have access to NVR images.