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Fire Safety Solutions

First steps to ensure fire protection of railway vehicles were limited to the use of gaffs, crowbars, axes, buckets, and stationary objects - manual fire pumps. Later came the used steam pumps, injectors, and then - fire extinguishers and train. All these measures were designed to combat the already started the fire.

Today, the technical equipment of railways seriously increased, but also increased the number of threats to the lives of passengers, cargo and railway rolling stock. Therefore becoming increasingly important means of early fire detection. Specificity of fire protection rolling stock:
Vibration, so equipment must be resistant to them;
Operating temperature range (for example, the roof of the car in summer the temperature much above the ambient temperature);
High-speed air streams;
Requirements to reliability and autonomy of the system (in the route of the train, especially outside settlements to organized assistance in extinguishing the fire should not count).

Fig. 1. Installing fire alarm UPS-1 For more than one year in the long-distance trains, Moscow, October, Gorky, South-West, North-Caucasian, and other fire protection railways wagons distance trains provide installation of fire alarm UPS-1, the development of Moscow company "Bekeron-M." UPS-1 (shown in Fig. 1) is designed to automatically detect signs deck wagons, fire alarm and place of its occurrence, automated fire extinguishing installations and transmission of information about sunbathing on remote centralized control obschepoezdnoy alarm system. The application of modern electronic boards assembly UPS-1 eliminates false alarms during the operation. Address signal on fire, short or open loop control is transferred to the control wire. The system is based on the combined (smoke + heat) fire detectors ESO1002 (IP 212/101-2) "System Sensor", possess a number of advantages to this type of object:
Operating temperature range from -30 C to +70 C;
Circuit solutions and effective screening PCB photodiode and provide increased immunity to electromagnetic interference and electrostatic;
Component molding smoke chamber (hard plastic + elastic gasket) made by the original, yet undeveloped technology in Russia, firmly seals the PCB, protecting it from rust and dust;
Basic foundation have a protective function of nesaktsionirovannogo extraction and provide secure attachment detector under constant shaking transport;
Used retardance and shockproof plastic;
Earthquake resistance up to 8 points;
Handy accessories for remote maintenance of detectors: contactless laser tester and puller, which allow them to install and maintain in remote places.

Means of fire protection Moscow subway can be divided into three groups: - the automatic fire rolling stock (all the cars today are equipped with the Moscow Metro "Igla-5M.KT"); - The automatic fire alarm system and smoke exhaust control stations in the premises; - Automatic fire extinguishing device in lock rolling stock (in depots and tunnels stations and cable collectors).

The second and third groups of means of fire protection is seriously different from the first because of the specificity and area of protected areas. Office space station
It is a multi-level farm on an area of ??10,000 m2. For example, in Art. "Borovitskaya" - 9 levels that protect the 2000 fire detectors! I will mention only some of the levels:

The level of cash hall

Fig. 2. ESO1000 detector (cash, militia room, server, ventilation, heating units, etc.);

The level of the turbine hall and escalators (machine rooms, passages tilted tension camera cable collector tilted storage of petroleum products, workshops, dressing rooms, etc.);

The level of traction substation STF: interior height 7-8 meters with permanently connected electrical equipment converts 3-phase AC 380V to 825V DC supply voltage contact rail;

Level signaling relay in which equipment is automatic train control;

Cross-level relationships: the subway is applied to 17 types of communication;

The level of cable and air manifold under the platform.

Fig. 3. "LEONARDO - From" The equipment in these areas is working around the clock in difficult conditions: severe electromagnetic interference, dust, air currents, etc. This equipment must not only be resistant to these factors, but also super stable without any false positives, and its technical service - comfortable, rare and short-lived, as it is on schedule at night. For example, at the enormous traction substations is given a maximum of 2:00 1 time per month.

All levels of office space metro stations commissioned in recent years: "Gory", "st. Yangelya Academica", "Annino", "Boulevard D. Don", "Starokachalovskaya" fire alarm systems on the basis of a series of detectors ESO1000 (Fig. 2) and station "Victory Park", "Revolution Square", "Street. Skobelevskaya", "Boulevard Adm. Ushakov" and "Bunin alley" - based on a series of addressable detectors LEONARDO (Fig. 3) Russian producer "System sensor. "These detectors are excellent in difficult conditions: conductive copper-graphite dust; electromagnetic fields; periodic air flows over 5m/sek, and in some rooms Butovskaya new subway line - and even increased condensation.

Fig. 4. Laser Tester On reviews engineers MTA Distances fire alarm Moscow Fig. 5. MPDU underground, these detectors are not only stable work with any domestic commercial enterprise in such difficult conditions, but also very easy to operate: performance monitoring - remote using laser tester (Fig. 4), programming systems - remote control MPDU (Fig. 5) and the IR repeater, and availability of staff and rod puller minimizes the use of ladders and scaffolds. Modular design facilitates cleaning smoke detector camera. In the address Leonardo series is very convenient installation, especially when equipped with zones "corridor" structure of long-haul - branching loop without restrictions. And this is an additional savings in cable and installation works. When cables are used regular installation kits: for open wiring and ceilings, casings from flowing water. To signal to the platform used siren EMA24FRSS (Fig. 6), providing high power audio at low current consumption: 24V signal allows you to save even when power is on I and II feeder and transition to battery.

Fig. 6. Opoveschatel EMA24FRSS Given positive experience detectors "System Sensor" in this difficult environment, the Remote Service was decided to further their application on newly repaired and metro stations, as well as subordinate administrative facilities.

And for more effective fire protection of large and extended premises Fig. 7. 6500RS with high ceilings (such as traction substations) A possibility of applying a linear one-component detector 6500RS - innovation "System Sensor" in 2004 (Fig. 7). This smoke detector is composed of a transceiver and a passive reflector, spaced 100 m, controlling this with a large area. Economical and fast installation: cable is supplied only to the transceiver. Easy adjustment - one installer for 5-10 minutes, easy service. The model has a function 6500RS remote testing. All these factors, combined with automatic compensation of dust, high degree of protection shell - IP 54 and extended temperature range from -30 C to +55 C do 6500RS indispensable for the most serious sites with difficult operating conditions.

In conclusion, I would like to touch on the issue of reliability of fire alarm system (CAS), all components - the links of one chain. A fire detectors, making the system to 80 percent, largely determine its reliability. On the reliability of detectors "System Sensor" can be judged not only by the positive reviews of customers most significant sites in Russia, but also on the numbers of failure: 0.04% (ie, the problem can not be more than 4 detectors of 10,000!) . We believe that it is necessary to make a decent product, or not at all engaged in its production.

If you value professional reputation and responsible approach to the selection of equipment ATP, the detectors "System Sensor" - your equipment. Behind our products you will never have to blush before the customer - so learn more on Fire Safety Solutions