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Plywood for Hurricane: Why Plywood Protection Is Good for Families

If you live in a hurricane prone area or even in the midst of the hurricane season, preparing your home to withstand the damage caused by major storms is highly essential. Wind around the surrounding areas of a hurricane storm can be just as violent and a better way to protect your home and those dwelling inside is to provide plywood security. Preparing your home for the hurricane season can give you time to combat the possible damages that these calamities can bring.

Hurricane storm panels for your home to cover up doors and shutters are the best way to keep such storm damages at bay considerably. Several forms of plywood are available for the purpose and advanced planning is much required to deal with a tough storm coming your way. Plywood thicknesses of 1/2” is considered adequate, however sheets of 5/8” thicknesses are the best to provide increased protection from flying projectiles. Plywood is usually heavy and tough thus making it hard to be handled by one person only. It might require two people to efficiently place the sheet in position.

In fact, plywood sheets become scarce to find during the windy hurricane season. Most stores will stock the plywood material, but often it becomes really tough to find quality plywood at such times. Hence, it is recommended that you buy plywood for hurricane protection well in advance. This gives you time to create the required structure and choose the area of placement to protect the property. Plywood in residential areas can be found in doors and windows as well as protective shutters across wooden home panels. Make sure that the material is cut to size to prevent application in the final moments. Check to see the screws and other additional equipment that is essential to place the plank with ease.

There are varying lengths and thicknesses of wooden plywood available in the market today. A range of quality hardwood plywood is designed especially to deal with the atrocities of super cyclonic storms like hurricanes. When disaster strikes, homes are often the most vulnerable and hurricane protective plywood goes a long way to suffice such devastations. In fact, it is advisable to use 12” screwing bolts, special clips or barrel bolts that places the plywood in the appropriate position. It is vital to check that every screw is bolted tight and aligned with the door and window panel so that wind doesn’t pass through the unattended spaces in between the frames. Look into even the smallest openings that can create pressure during hurricanes. It is important to seal these areas in the property to safeguard the structure and people living inside.

Properties with hurricane protection use plywood to seal windows and doors well ahead of the hurricane season. The devastation can be tackled considerably with prior plywood applications in areas all across residential premises. DIY placing is also popular and performed by house owners. It is always possible to purchase the tools required to get the plywood in place. If you’re not sure of what material to purchase and how to place it properly, seek assistance from a professional that can help you get adequate protection for your family during tough hurricane storms. The scarcity of the material during the upcoming hurricane season in such calamity prone areas itself exhibits the efficiency and importance of applying hurricane protective plywood for your home doors and windows.