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Recycling and reuse of copper scrap

Copper has been widely used by man since time immemorial and continues to be among the most needed materials. This is due to its characteristics such as ductility and high electrical conductivity. This metal has been used in almost every sphere of human activity. It produces power cables and wires for various purposes. Copper is indispensable in cooling systems or transport pipelines. And in the composition of the details of the average desktop PC it contains at least a kilogram.


As in the whole world, domestic production needs for this type of raw materials are increasing every year. Moreover, more and more attention is paid to its secondary processing, since extraction from natural deposits is highly costly and not environmentally friendly. Used items containing copper are collected, sorted and sent to specialized enterprises. Processing begins with the cleaning of the metal from all kinds of impurities. Most often this is done mechanically on vibroconveyors equipped with suction devices for removing polymer or paper debris. Depending on the purpose of the raw materials, further chemical treatment, air or magnetic separation, acid-salt or cryogenic methods, firing or remelting may be required.

In many settlements of the country there are representative offices of special companies in which the population can turn in a copper scrap, suitable for repeated use. The costs of scrap processing are directly dependent on the quality of recyclable materials. That is why a copper wire or rolled copper is taken at a higher rate, and an amortization scrap or a metal with an increased degree of oxidation is a much less valuable commodity. Household Copper can be recycled by as scrap.

Repeated use

Copper, obtained as a result of recycling, is used in various industries. Most often, the processed raw materials are used in such processes as:

- manufacture of cables and electric wires;- winding of electric motors;- manufacture of transformers;- manufacture of various parts of heating appliances, air conditioners and refrigerators;- production of seamless pipes capable of withstanding high pressures and the like.

It should be noted that copper has found application in the construction industry. A durable roof made of this metal can be exploited for more than a hundred years. And designers are able to turn sheets of roofing copper into real works of art, making from them all sorts of decor elements. As decorations, copper coining and accessories are used in the furniture industry. This metal is a part of bronze for sculptures, glassware and gold jewelry. Contain copper and all the familiar coins are yellow. Copper vitriol is necessary in agriculture and medicine.