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The choice of the host

To select the host need to be defined so as to exactly what you will need a server which will be your site, for what audience it will be used, how much space it will take, what tools you'll be using during its creation, and more.

The most primitive and simple type of hosting - hosting, which provides for placement of web - site, contains only a few pages. The creation of which have not been used, no additional funds. Whether you use the database, scripts, and more. As a rule, the size of a page can vary from two to five megabytes.

A full view of hosting - the server hosting this provides a much larger place in your web - site, with the ability to use scripts, databases, dynamically generate html-pages and more. al.

Depending on the size of your project, the price of use of such a server can vary from 5 to 36 dollars.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of hosting recommend the presence of FTP-login. The presence of this entry allows you to view and edit files on your web - site, after placing it on the server. In addition, it is possible to easily copy data from your computer to the server to refill your web - project. In the absence of this input edit, delete, or even view your files much more complicated.

In addition, when choosing a hosting need to decide for what audiences will open your web - page. If it is created for English-speaking users should select a server from Europe, the United States. For Russian-speaking audience, respectively Russian server.

I do not recommend to buy space on a server through an intermediary. Buy it directly - via the supplier, as the purchase will be much cheaper.
Another pitfall. When choosing a hosting check its reliability, ie a permanent presence of its server on the network. Read the recommendations in the forums that discuss almost all servers or from this source.

Some hosting lured to his customers, promising them great places on its servers, and an unlimited number of domains. Typically, such hosting, ultimately, do not fulfill their obligations. I advise you still choose hosting at a reasonable price with a reasonable amount of services provided.

It is useful to check the support you have chosen hosting. Send a few emails in their email box. See how fast they respond tries and how they will do it. If the technical support department at the company with a low level, it is likely all the promised services you will have the same level.

Hosting services, their quality is directly dependent on the cost of the server.