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Web monitoring software

Working time in the modern company - it is not simple, as it requires attention to many nuances and aspects of the employees. Work even harder to control the computer. Especially that time chief painted by the minute and do everything practically impossible. Therefore, most of the leaders trust automatic time tracking program that greatly simplify control of employees.

Let's look at what programs are best to choose and how to use them to improve the efficiency of the staff.

According to the principle of work, they are divided into two types:

Basic functions that inherent programs for time
1. Accounting for employee time at the computer.
2. Fixing the time of arrival/departure of staff.
3. Gathering information on the programs used by employees, applications, and websites.

But despite the similarities between certain functions on-line service and spyware there are differences. Let's look at the main ones.

Key differences between spyware and online service for time
1. Online services work as a hidden and in explicit mode. Therefore, allow employees to view personal statistics and thereby monitor the effectiveness of their work.

"Spies" same work is hidden, that is, employees are unaware of the program.

2. Collection and sorting data
Online web monitoring software allow you to examine programs, sites and applications by category: "productive", "neutral" and "unproductive" for each employee and for the department as a whole. This greatly simplifies the analysis of the information and enables the head promptly take steps to improve staff performance.

Spyware collects together all the information, it does not sorting.

3. Remote monitoring of employees
Live program unlike spy software allows executives to analyze the statistics remotely in real time from any point where there is access to the Internet. This function allows you to control both the office staff and freelancers. Leading remote control, the head can be sure that his subordinates were busy working and do not spend billable time for personal affairs.

4. Generating reports in a convenient form
Only online program allows you to generate reports in the form of graphs and charts. This function allows you to visually evaluate the results of work of employees, without any special effort on the analysis of data.

5. Collection of confidential information
Only the spyware collects confidential information about employees working at the computer. The program captures keystrokes, passwords saves and maintains control of the printers connected to the system.

But more often spyware is being used by information security company, rather than accounting for employee time.

In addition, the online program has a number of advantages and facilitate:

improve employee productivity;
strengthen discipline in the company;
increase self-employees;
obtaining complete and accurate information;
reduce time spent on the analysis of data on the performance of employees.
Selecting for time online program soon head actually convinced of its effectiveness and be able to see positive changes in the company.