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What drugs are legal?

Here we will try to give you the answer to the vexed question - is it possible to take legal drugs and whether there is harm from them.

Due to the fact that illicit drugs are difficult to transport and sell, began to appear on the drug market legal drugs. What it is? These are substances that contain previously unknown chemical elements. If they are to smoke, drink, breathe, or make an injection, it is achieved euphoria, increased energy and elevated mood. They begin to spread with great speed as new drugs to set the mood as smoking blends or pills club, talking about their absolute safety. Such "advertising" is often exaggerated, and sometimes it says the baseless assertion.

Research Chemicals - these are drugs and substances in the laboratories of law enforcement bodies were not explored to the end and not included in the list of prohibited drugs. Should I buy a tablet, based on the following opinion - "If this drug is not banned for sale, it is safe?" Types of newly synthesized legal drugs.

To determine the chemical composition, and to find in it a new synthetic narcotic substance - this is not a simple matter. Craftsmen drug trafficking synthetically create more and more new substances. Drug dealers successfully promote them to the masses. They have three major advantages:

- As long as these drugs are not included in the prohibited list for their sale can not be fined or go to jail;

- Unenlightened youth bought the words "legal drug", automatically assuming that once they are not prohibited, they can be taken without consequences;

- Himself settling the new people on the supposedly safe smoking blends and powders - "legal drugs" -, drug gets new customers, which eventually will buy at a dose or multiple doses each day, will change to a more powerful and expensive counterparts and bring fabulous incomes. Almost every drug used to be legal

History has many precedents: - heroin was part of a soothing cough medicine that is freely sold in pharmacies; - Opium was used by doctors for pain relief during operations; - MDMA (the active ingredient tramadol tablets of ecstasy and club) prescribed psychologists and psychiatrists for depression, as well as he used to talk and create a confidential atmosphere for couples counseling; - Morphine was used for medical treatment of addiction to alcohol and opium; - Marijuana has been used for pain relief, help with rheumatism, epilepsy and muscle spasms, as an antiemetic and antiepileptic agent, etc.

Later, when in addition to the positive effect noticed by multiple side effects, including persistent dependence, drug banned, ceased to be used in medicine and psychiatry, and then he became an underground drug dealers item.

But over time, the legal use of drugs for the treatment or psychological counseling too many people become addicted with all the ensuing consequences - a broken life of a man, a big problem for his family, accidents due to drug intoxication, theft and criminal actions for the next dose, and a whole lot of lives and destroyed much trouble.